Apple Medical ID: How to Set Up on iPhone & Reasons to Use

6 min readJul 8, 2022
Apple Medical ID How to Set Up on iPhone and Use it

Do you know about Apple Medical ID?

If not then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

In this era of smartphones, it’s better to use them effectively & efficiently.

If someone has health issues, emergencies can come anytime; in that case, the Apple Health app and its features can help.

One such feature is a Medical ID which enables you to store and share important health information with someone if you cannot speak for yourself.

Using this anyone can check your medical information and contact your guardian or relatives in an emergency.

Now you can assume how important it is to set up and use the Medical ID app on your apple device. Moreover, we have also mentioned some reasons why everyone should use it.

First, we will see some basics and then move further.

What is Medical ID on iPhone?

What is Medical ID on iPhone

On iPhone, there is one amazing feature related to health known as Medical ID. Basically, this enabled you to add your medical details in one place so that they can be shared with anyone in case of an emergency. It is a very good approach by Apple because this will users save their lives even if 911 or other authorities are not on time.

In that ID, all the information related to your medical issues and treatment prescribed by the doctors is stored. This helps in getting quick help and anyone can act as a caregiver if you become unconscious. When this feature is activated, a Medical ID number is generated which also gets added to the emergency contacts like family, friends, or other members added to the list.

Medical ID Set Up on iPhone [ Step by Step Guide ]

Medical ID Set Up on iPhone
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In my opinion, setting up an Apple Medical ID should be a must for every iPhone user if they have any allergies or health issues. Although, it is very easy to use but some users get stuck in this process and for them, we have shared this step-by-step guide to activating it properly. We will also show you how to set up a Medical ID on iPhone and also how to create an emergency contact.

Step 1. Go to the Health app & then click on the Summary tab.

Step 2. On the right corner, click on the profile image.

Step 3. Now click on the Medical ID option.

Step 4. After that, click on the Edit button.

Step 5. Now add your information like emergency contact, relationship, and other data like blood group, DOB, allergies, treatments, and then click on the Done button.

Note:- Don’t forget to turn on Show When Locked and other options, so that the Medical ID can be accessed by any user even if the phone is locked.

And if you want to know how to edit medical id on iPhone then check this official source from apple.

5+ Reasons to Use Apple Medical ID on Your iPhone Device

If you are still confused about whether a Medical ID is useful or not then check all these mentioned below reasons and decide for yourself.

1. Access to Vital Information of that Person

Access to Vital Information of that Person

I have seen many users with health issues who carry a medical card with them but what if they forget it and any medical emergency happens, then it might not be useful. In that case, having a Medical ID on your iPhone can be very helpful and easily provide important information to others and the right person will be contacted soon.

And the best part is that no iPhone lock screen passcode is required for using the Medical ID, just go to the screen, tap on Emergency and then click on Medical ID to get all the information.

2. All Medical ID Information on Apple Watch

If someone has a medical problem then Apple Watch enabled with Medical ID can be very useful. Because if somehow your phone is stolen or misplaced then in case of emergency anyone can use your watch to get all the vital information required.

Moreover, the new features of the apple watch also get you connected to the cellular network when you are away from your device. And use it just follow these quick simple steps, press & hold the side button, use the slider and then click on Medical ID to make an emergency call.

3. Auto Share Medical ID during Emergency

In the above section, I have already mentioned turning on features like Show When Locked, Share During Emergency Call, and more. And if you haven’t enabled them, then do it now because they are very helpful, especially the Auto Share feature of the Apple Medical ID. Because it automatically shares the location with the emergency services or hospital if any emergency happens or any emergency call is made.

And the best part is that it also shares Medical ID information like Age, health issues, allergies, and address with the help of a text message.

4. Emergency Contacts will be Notified

Emergency Contacts will be Notified

Similar to the above one, this also helps you to notify in case of an emergency. But here only those persons will be notified whose numbers are added to the emergency contacts list. If anybody uses the emergency SOS service using your phone or Apple watch, then a text message will be sent to all the members with the current location.

Apart from that, I would suggest you add your parents, siblings, and relative’s number with their official names, not Mom and Dad. So that the emergency services also get the full information so that they can work faster in the right direction.

5. Register for Organ Donation via Apple Medical ID

Register for Organ Donation via Apple Medical ID

While creating a Medical ID and updating the information, you can also enable the organ donation option. And the best is that it is very easy to sign up using the Health app while you are entering your medical history, allergies, and other important details.

Moreover, any of your family members or friend can register for organ donation causes using their own Apple devices by creating the Medical ID on them. Also, this donation is valid nationwide donor registry and also available to the authorities.

6. Medical ID can be Set Up in English

Creating a Medical ID in English is important if you travel a lot, so the majority of people can understand it and can help you in an emergency. The first part of the Medical ID is a list of the languages that the Emergency responders will have to choose from.

If you have set up the Medical ID in English, and your system language is different then also the responder will see all the details in the English language like allergies, medications, and more.


However, there are so many other reasons that can be mentioned here but we have only mentioned a few of them. Now I think that you have learned the importance of using Apple Medical ID and I would suggest you tell your friends and family members to set up it on their iPhones.

And if you want to know my personal opinion then I am completely in favor of using these features. Also, adding more numbers to the emergency contact list can help you to get more reach and help.